marie gabriella blunck


Things by Simona Vinci

In the beginning, it was about his things, what was left behind.
In the beginning Id look to his objects to find human warmth.
Now that Ive come to know these things, I love them for themselves.
I like things to be neutral, without a history, free from the inevitable beating that life delivers.
My body has become a thing too
My skin is the only thing thats alive, the only thing that reacts.
And it only reacts upon contact with things.
Smooth, cool surfaces or rough, warm ones.
Damp, dry, hot, cool surfaces,
surfaces that change temperature when I touch them.
Things are just like me.
There have been a number of times when Ive surprised myself by
looking at objects with emotion. I see them left somewhere, abandoned,
forgotten, incapable of moving. Alone
There are perhaps things
with which
I didnt believe
until today
I would ever come into contact.

    - Kawasaki Hiroshi, Sea

There are many things and things keep you company.
Things never abandon you. You can buy things; you can keep them,
use them, throw them away when theyre used up, and buy more.
Things arent jealous. You can have as many of them as you want,
and you can put them all next to each other, use them simultaneously:
they dont get offended.
I've grown bored.
I keep needing something different, something new.
My skin is losing its sensitivity.
It keeps needing stronger things.
I want something that flows over me -
... something that resists the flow ...
I have then, before my eyes, the most powerful sensation of my life. A journey, yes, and then when it's over, everything that I've known, tasted, enjoyed, I'll never be able to feel again in the same way.

I really like the idea that the surfaces of my body can melt, break, open up and finally consume themselves. It's the same end that all things come to, sooner or later.