marie gabriella blunck


Written and performed by Polarbear
Directed by Yael Shavit
Set and Projection Design by Marie Blunck
Lighting Design by Mark Howland

Performed at Battersea Arts Centre, London

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Polarbear conjures supremely visual shots through the use of his delicate and enthralling prose. The performance sparkles with light reflections and projections by Marie Blunck, which highlight certain phrases, reflecting them onto the set and enriching the piece with atmosphere.

The Public Reviews

Marie Blunck's minimalist design impressively reflects this performer's direct simplicity and Yael Shavit's outside eye has clearly enabled only the most vital parts of this piece to prevail. What is created is a story that quietly overpowers you through its economical yet beautiful prose...

WhatsOnStage 8th March 2010

The piece is an overt exercise in 'spoken screenplay', the third person narrative punctuated by scene set-ups, flash-backs, jump-cuts and fades. It's effective stuff, particularly the close-ups - the radioactive light cast on the pavement by a streetlamp, the four spoons of sugar heaped into a cup of tea - building up a world as real in our mind's eye as it is in his.

Time Out London

...perfectly evocative of that wistful sensation of realising you really can't go home again. That the story is presumably at least part autobiographical only serves to underscore 'Return's sense of gently reiterating a difficult universal truth.

The British Theatre Guide

"beautifully shot"... every frame is painstakingly composed, every close-up and gradual fade-through-black marinaded in a rich sense of atmosphere and place.